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Back in April, I decided to go ahead and close up shop here at the Bone Scroll. I had to many things going on and not enough time to actually spend on a blog, a podcast, and life in general. Now fast forward to today. I do have time once again to put into blogging every once in a while. So to celebrate, I'm letting everyone know and I've given the website a new look. I look forward to blogging for everyone once again.

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welcome back!

It seems only appropriate that a blog called the Bone Scroll would rise again. Welcome back, and keep blogging!

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Welcoem back!

Good to have you back. The new look seems to be good, if slightly claustrophobic, to me.

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@Sean Holland - I will be tweaking it as I go along. So let me know what suggestions you may have to improve it.

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Good to see you back.

Good to see you back.

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Bonemaster (aka Jeff Uurtamo) is a long time RPG gamer. He started playing back in early 1980s. The Bone Scroll is his latest attempt to give something back to the gaming community.


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