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With just a few more days until I have my flight for GenCon. It's time to start doing what I'm sure many of you have been doing for some time. That is to say, decide what the world is going to be packed for GenCon.

Of course, I have a slightly different problem than many of the attendees. Since I'll be there on a press pass, I'm going to be doing it up reporter style. That's not to say, I will not have time to do some geek things, but I do also have to do some reporting on the convention itself.

So what does that do for my packing list? Well, for one I have to decide if I'm going to need to bring my main laptop or if I can just get away with my netbook. Last year, I brought both and I used my netbook almost 95% of the time. I only used my full laptop when I was back at the hotel room. Which lends itself to the thought that I shouldn't need the full laptop. That said, I do plan on shooting video this year. If I want to edit it and post it while I'm there, then the full laptop is likely going to be my only option. I'm not sure what I am going to do here.

Being part of the RPG Circus Podcast, I'm going to be hopefully recording some audio and video interviews and the like while I'm there. This mean, I'm going to have quite a haul of things to bring. For the audio side, I have my Edirol R-09HR recorder. For the video side, I will have my Kodak Zi8 Camera. In addition, I'll have a Dynamic Mic, a Shotgun Mic, Camera Tripod, Gorillapod, Mini Mic Tripod, 2 Mic Flags (with RPG Circus Logos on them), Mic Cables, Hotshoe mounts, Hotshoe Bracket for Camera, and a few mic adapters.

Of course another important thing to bring to the convention as a blogger and podcaster, is business cards. This is an easy way to make sure people know how to find you if they talk to you. As a special bonus this year, I have 2.5" square stickers for the RPG Circus Podcast to giv e to people who want a few. I had about 1000 printed.

As far as rulebooks go,the only thing I'm bringing is my Kindle DX with the PDF for the games I could possible use.

Let's not forget about Dice. I do plan to buy some more dice while I am at GenCon for my wife and for myself. I might pick up some more Game Science dice for myself. For the wife, I'll have to look elsewhere. She just didn't care for the Game Science dice. I'm going to have to send her photos of dice so she can select some.

Speaking of sending photos, I'm going to of course have my phone with me. While Rio Grande Games has sponsored free WiFi, I want to have my phone as backup. Not to mention with trying to meet up with people, a cell phone is the only sane way to keep things together.

I'm wondering if I should buy and pack some snack food. I haven't decided on that one yet. I guess I will have to see how I feel in a few days.

Of course I have to bring the normal stuff one takes while traveling like clothes and hygiene products. I'll need clothes for four days plus a few spares. After all, you just never know what is going to happen.

After reviewing this list, I think the only major decision I have is, if I want to take my full laptop or not? Currently, I'm leaning to not bringing it. After all the Golden Rule for GenCon is pack lite, you are going to have a much heavier load on your return trip.

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I am in a similar boat,

I am in a similar boat, laptop/netbook-wise. I just bought a netbook, and it weighs a whopping 9 pounds less than my monster gaming laptop, when you include the power brick.

I think the idea of lugging 9 less pounds around the convention floor for four days makes the decision pretty simple. The laptop battery is so decrepit that it can only be used with a power outlet anyway, which pretty much relegates it to either hotel-room-use or emergency-find-an-outlet use. The netbook will last all day on a nightly charge, though, making it much more useful.

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It's the same here. While my

It's the same here. While my netbook is much lighter it also has a pretty crappy battery. Sometimes it runs out of power after less than 1.5 hours. The notebook on the other hand is very heavy but it's battery is better. Since I don't want to pack too much for the flight, I am thinking about only taking the netbook, in the hope there are some power outlets I can use in the convention center.

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I've decided that it's unlikely that I will even have time to edit any video. I think all the video production will end up being done after GenCon is over. Sorry folks, that's just the way it is. So, that said, I'm just going to be bringing the Netbook.

@Stargazer - I know I found some outlets last year at the convention hall. I think we should do fine.

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Ok, then I'll pack the

Ok, then I'll pack the netbook as well. :)

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