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I know that I have been talking about Savage Worlds quite a bit. I think it's because my group has become quite excited about it. Each week, I seem to be picking up a few new players. It's sort of scary really.

It seems most of the players want to continue with the Pulp setting and with Savage Worlds. I've both very please and surprised by the response that it has received. I originally planned that this would be only a quick one-shot adventure. Now, due to popular demand, it seems we will be continue with it for a while. While, I do think that we have way to many people with Arcane Backgrounds, each one is different enough that I'm not too worried. We have one mentalist, one weird scientist, and one magic using anti-cultist, along with four other non-arcane users. Besides, this is all a grand test anyway.

As many of you know, I broke down and got the GM and Gear Toolkit for Pulp setting. I'm still withholding final judgment on them. Again, my only wish is that there was more a listing of 1930's weapons. So, if you know a good place that lists weapons of the 1930's, please let me know. I'm not looking for weapons stats, but rather a general list.

In terms of game play, I think things are getting better in terms of game play. I'm still looking in the rule book quite a bit, but since this is only the third session, I'm not really that surprised with it. All the players seem to enjoy the initiative system. Having a new action card each round really makes it interesting. Players tend to think a bit more in the now rather than the future, since they have no idea what order they will go in next round. It can go really bad for players too. Having three distinct groups of opposition, I gave each an action card. I drew an Ace for each group, and the players had to suffer a bit but they did survive that round. In the end, I don't think I could have run that combat in DnD without pulling my hair out.

Well, that's all for this week. It's funny how a test game can become your standard game. So be forewarned, if you decided to do a test game, be prepared to continue running it if everyone likes it.

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Same Here

I have to confess, I'm seeing something close to this in my gaming circle. The simplicity and fast-paced action of SavWo is really picking up some adherents. It's like they all woke up one morning and realized they did a more time-efficient game to run.

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@Zachary - While, I'm not 100%o with the rules. I have say that even without knowing them all, I was able to run something that was coherent. There are some areas I need to brush up on, like chases. Still, I'm very impressed that even with just the core rulebook, you can run quite a few things.

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I love SW

I'd be interested in your opinion on my reivew of SW Bone. I just finally got to playtest SW yesterday!

I've liked your posts about SW thus far, keep it up!

wrathofzombie's last blog post... Savage Worlds and the Three Bowls of Porridge

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Savage Worlds is taking over

Savage Worlds is taking over the world!

Maybe we ought to let someone know.........

On second thoughts. Nah.

greywulf's last blog post... How times have changed

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your wish is my command


list of pulp-era everything, including weapons


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