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Since the next Pathfinder AP is coming soon, as an AP subscriber, I'm already able to get the Pathfinder Companion for Legacy of Fire. What I found interesting was that they didn't waste space on reprinting the Basic Character Traits from the Second Darkness Companion. Seems they decided to make it a free download. I searched the Paizo site but I couldn't find an official announcement for the free download, but it was clearly available in "My Downloads" after I logged into Paizo's Website.

Personally, I like the traits. Every PC gets two of them. If you are playing an AP, then usually one of them is campaign trait. For those that don't know, traits are sort of half-feats and at one point it seems they were thinking about calling them just that. The Trait guide clearly stated that NPCs don't get them unless they spend a feat, which grants them two traits. The PCs get them for free and they add a little something to character without being overpowering.

The only issue I see, is that the traits are currently set for 3.5 OGL, and some minor modifications will have to be made when the Pathfinder RPG comes out later this year.

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Yeah, the setup was sort of

Yeah, the setup was sort of weird. I didn't realize I had it until I happened to look into my downloads there.

I like traits; I think its a nice little bump without adding too much complexity. We'll have to see what my group thinks.

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I was surprised there was not an announcement about it.

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an interest

an interest

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