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Even though I talk about it, even I forget that RPGs are in the end a social activity. We gather a group of people together and engage in form of play. The need for people is important, you can't really play RPGs without at least two people. As some of the blog readers may know, I recently had what I'd like to call my primary group vaporize on me. This lead me to needing to find new players.

When we are looking for new people to play with, it sort of like trying to find a new job. Many of the tasks are the same. Let's take a look shall we.

Job Search Player Search
Use a newspaper to find job listings Use the local gaming store to find player listings
Post resume on Job Boards Post a request for players at the Game Store
Use the Internet to View Job Postings/Post Resume Use the various Internet Sites to Find Players and Post your Profile to have players find you
Using networking to find out about jobs. Use network to find out about players in search of games.

Very similar, I think indeed. Success Rates are likely very similar too. Network still produces the best results. By networking, I was been able to get at least two people for my new group. Another possible player, which I got from a Game Store posting, may have fourth player for my group as well. That is also a form of networking. Of course the fifth player will be my wife, also a form of networking. So, If I get all the players, four out of five will have been from networking.

I should note networking needs to reciprocal. If when I'm talking to someone and they are looking for certain games, that I'm not going to play, if I know someone who does, I try to refer them or I keep their information on the off chance that I may find someone whom is looking for the same exact thing.

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